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10 Kid Approved Mealtime Tips

Here are 10 mealtime tips to help entice kids to eat.  Don’t worry, they are definitely kid approved.  My 4 yo loves #2 and #8!  Mealtime should be fun and delicious.  Try them out and comment below on your favorites!!

 1.  Make a silly face or animal

These animal themed Bento Boxes are inspiration for healthy meals that are also adorable and fun for your kids.

via Marvelous Mommy

2.  Use cookie cutters

Use cookie cutters to make the sandwich, cheese and fruits different. Make sure the kids actually eat the lunches.

via Love From The Oven

3.  Make it themed

via Bentoriffic

4.  Dress up some toast

Making food fun for kids is easy with these animal faces toast ideas.

via All She Cooks

5.  Make it spooky

via Sweet and Lovely Crafts

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6.  Build your own pizzas


via Tone and Tighten

7.  Mix it up and add variety

Looking for healthy toddler meals to feed your kid? Here are 40 ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner to help inspire you if you're stuck in a rut!

via The Lean Green Bean

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8.  Sneak in the veggies

via Real Housewife of Chaos

9.  Mealtime Letter of the Day

Healthy Food for Children - Complete Set of Alphabet Themed Bento School Lunch Ideas from Eats Amazing UK

via Eats Amazing

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10.  Keep it simple

When pressed for time, keep it simple.  Put in food your child will eat.  Get creative with a banana and a sharpie or stickers.

via Vitamin-Ha

Mandarin Pumpkins | 5 Easy Halloween Food Ideas

via A Designer Life


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