About Me

Welcome to my life of chaos

Hello everyone! My name is Liz and welcome to Real Housewife of Chaos. I was inspired to create this blog after watching so many vlogs on how to be an organized parent with a picture perfect home and well behaved children. And I thought to myself, is there anyone out there who is as disorganized and crazy as I am?

I feel like every day I put in 100+% at being a mom and wife, but pretty much fail at everything. I’m constantly cleaning and the house is still a mess, laundry still piles up, and pots still need to be cleaned. I’m just DONE now and so tired.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to continue my housekeeping and motherly duties.  I’ve just decided to embrace the chaos instead of be overwhelmed by it. I am accepting our lifestyle and our imperfections as a family.  I’m going to live positively and chaotically with a smile on my face.

My hope is that there are other parents out there who can relate.  If you are as tired as I am, if you see these pictures and say “that’s exactly my life”, or if you find some hilarity in the life we live as parents, I hope you will subscribe to my blog!

food and laundry
My 1yo stole my lunch and decided to put it with the clean laundry I was folding
dirty couch
I have to wash my couch at least once a week thanks to my kids
stains on a shirt
This is usually what my shirt looks like by the end of the day
messy table
This is what my dining room table looks like 90% of the time