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Car, and Truck, and Tractor, Oh My!

For some reason we are obsessed with themes in our family.  Growing up, not only did every party have a theme, but every room in the house had a theme.  If something didn’t match the theme of the room, it couldn’t be in that room.  Now that I have my own house, I feel the same way.  So, picking the theme of my kids’ rooms was a big deal!  After a long discussion, we decided on vehicles for my 4 yo, because my son loves cars, trucks, construction vehicles, etc.

We moved into our house a few years ago, and we are slowly decorating each of the rooms.  Decorations and pictures can really transform your home, but they can be so expensive sometimes.  Since I’m a mommy on a budget, I’m always trying to find ways to save money, especially on non-essential items.

Well, my husband and I have finally made it around to hanging decorations up in my 4 yo’s rooms.  We wanted to hang pictures up that went with the theme, but weren’t too grown up for him.  I came up with this idea to make vehicles out of construction paper, and have my son put them together to hang on the wall.  I found some Dollar Tree frames to put the pictures in to save on money.

So here’s how we put together our Make-it-Monday: construction paper vehicles!

Creating the Pieces:

    1.  First we looked online to find a clipart that my child liked.  My 4 yo chose this blue truck.Image result for blue truck clipart
    2.  Next I did a freehand sketch of the vehicle body on blue construction paper.  I used an X-Acto knife to cut the truck body out, as well as the windows of the truck.  I also cut out a small blue rectangle for the side view mirror.Step 2
    3.  Then I took the windows I cut from the truck body and traced them on gray construction paper, then cut them out.  Also, with that same gray paper, I traced the length of the bed of the truck and created a thin rectangle to represent the inside of the truck bed.  I then traced the bottom of the truck body and created another thin rectangle for the bottom trim of the truck.Step 3
    4.  On that same gray construction paper, I cut out a small thin rectangle for the door handle, and two tiny circles for the center cap of the wheels.
    5.  After that, I used black construction paper and cut out two circles for the tires.  I cut out two smaller circles on light gray paper to create the hubcaps.Step 5
    6.  Next I took yellow construction paper and cut out a headlight, and used red construction paper to create a taillight.All the pieces

Assembling the Pieces:

      1.  We used tape, and my son put the windows on the truck.  We also used tape to attach the bed of the truck.Step 1 Attach
      2.  Next we turned the truck over and put a thin line of glue along the bottom of the truck.  My son then placed the trim of the truck (long thin rectangle) on the glue.Step 2 Attach
      3.  After that, we glued on the door handle and side mirror.Step 3
      4.  Then we put glue on the truck where we wanted the wheels, and attached the large black circles.  On top of the black circles, we glued the light gray circles.  And we glued the tiny dark gray circles on top of the light gray circles.Step 4 Attach
      5.  Finally, we glued the headlight and taillight on the truck.Step 5 Attach

Finishing Our Project:

    1.  We took the finished truck and glued it in the center of a white piece of paper (8.5″ x 11″).  (I suggest you use tape instead of glue though).
    2.   I had purchased picture frames from the Dollar Tree and spray painted them white.
    3.  Once the picture frames were dry, we put our truck creation inside the frame.Truck Decor

Now we have four different vehicles framed and hanging above my son’s bed.  He absolutely loves them!  And he’s very proud of them because he helped make them!!

Car, and Truck, and Tractor, Oh My!

I’m happy because not only did we create this fun craft, but it is displayed nicely in my son’s room.  My husband is happy because we have this nice decor that cost less than $10.  And my son is happy because he loves trucks, and he enjoyed spending time with me and creating these cool pictures for his room.  It’s a win-win all around!!

Let me know in the comments section what you think and if you’ll try it out.  Share with a friend who is looking for budget friendly decor ideas.  And if you want to see more Make-It-Monday crafts, please subscribe so you know exactly when the next post is up!

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