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Pretty much my life everyday

My Menu Of Chaos

This page helps you navigate through the chaos of my website… and hopefully it can help with the chaos in your life.

Chaos Menu

I.  Condition

  • Appearance

    • What we look like and what we wear.  This is all about makeup, skincare, and style.
  • Health

    • This page is about our overall health, as well as my favorite thing – FOOD!
  • Fitness

    • Of course I have to include how we mommas fit in workouts.

II.  Habitat

  • Cleaning

    • It’s the song that never ends.  It goes on and on my friends…cleaning.
  • Organization

    • I always say I hate to clean, but I love to organize.  This page has creative ways to organize the home and hopefully help with some chaos.

III.  Arts & Crafts

  • Crafts

    • Fun crafts and creative ideas for you to share with your little ones.
  • DIY’s

    • Why buy something that you can make??

IV.  Operate

  • That’s How I Roll

    • This page is about how I operate as a typical type B person, being a realistic mom, and just trying to relate to other parents.
  • Everyday Living

    • Living our lives everyday, just trying to survive the ups and downs of life and parenthood.

V.  Shop