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Arts & Crafts is all about having fun, getting creative, and involving the kiddos.

I have always had a love for art and creativity.  I remember being very young, drawing in my Lisa Frank coloring book, asking my dad if my art could be in a museum one day.

Throughout High School my love for art grew.  I took classes every year to develop my technique and expand my portfolio.  I even took a ceramic class and a sculpture class, however they were not my favorite.  My ceramics teacher used to say, “making a pot is like riding a bike but you, Elizabeth, must never have ridden a bike in your life!”

In college, I could not go a semester without taking at least one art class.  It helped keep me sane and was a stress relief for me.  With all the classes I took I had enough credits to minor in Art.

These days I enjoy sketching and painting.  But most of all I love creating art with my kids.  It’s such an amazing thing to see a child’s artwork develop through the years.  They start off with a few scribbles.  Next they create stick figures.   Then they get a little older and start adding detail.  It is like a window into my son’s world every time he shows me a picture he’s made.

When I had my second son I decided to leave my job to be a stay-at-home mom.  It was important that we had a set schedule everyday so my oldest would have things to look forward to.  I came up with “Make it Mondays” as a way to spend one-on-one time with my oldest (now 4yo).  We do anything from drawing on a piece of paper to building things out of paper towel rolls.

This page is created to give you ideas on things you can make with (or without) your kids.  It’s time to open your minds and get CREATIVE!

Arts & Crafts:



Also, I would love to see pictures of anything you and your family create!


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