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Cooking With Leonardo – Turkey Sausage

Cooking with Leonardo

Turkey Sausage

I wanted to share with you guys this awesome recipe for turkey sausage I found about a year ago.

As my friends and family know, I am a nursing momma.  I breastfed my first son and I am currently breastfeeding my second son.  We all know it is so important to eat healthy and nutrient rich food especially when nursing.

After I had my second son, I was sooo ready to get back into shape.  I began searching on Pinterest for different workouts and recipes for post pregnancy.  There was a website I came across that talked about nutrition for breastfeeding mommas.  This website had sample meal plans and a few recipes that looked delicious.  I discovered this recipe for turkey sausage.

Cooking with kids - turkey sausage
Leonardo splattered turkey meat on my head

At first I thought I’m not a fan of breakfast sausage so I think I’ll just pass on this one.  But my husband likes breakfast sausage so I decided to make it for him.  It is such a simple thing to make.  There are only five ingredients.  *Tip:  get the kids involved in making them, they will enjoy it and you can keep an eye on them.*

Simple and Delicious

I put all the ingredients in a bowl, mash it up, form it into patties, then cook them.  I had to admit they smelled amazing as I cooked them.

My husband was so thankful when he came down to the kitchen and saw them sitting on the counter.  He took a large bite while standing in the kitchen and said it was the best breakfast sausage he’d ever had.  He convinced me to try it and now I am hooked.

cooking with my ninja turtle
Having fun cooking with my little Ninja Turtle

I absolutely love this recipe and I make it at least three times a month.  I make a big batch and divide them up into baggies so that we can eat them throughout the week.  *Tip:  you can freeze a batch and take out as needed.*  We enjoy eating them with sweet potato and a side of avocado.  The sausage is on the spicier side so adjust the recipe to your taste.  My Leonardo and I hope you give this recipe a try and please comment below if you enjoy it!

(click on the link and scroll towards the bottom)

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