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Digital Diet Getaway

I wanted to give you guys an update on what’s been going on and where I’ve been.

First, I want to say sorry I haven’t uploaded a new post in a month.  I was visiting my mom for the past couple of weeks.  AND because Liz is my name and Chaos is my game, the events I had going on each day is part of why I was unable to post anything. The other reason was, I tried to stay as “unplugged” as possible on my time away – a digital diet, if you will.

For those of you who don’t know, my Grandmother passed away at the beginning of the summer. Also, my sister returned to college a few weeks ago.  So, I decided to take a few weeks off to be with my mother and keep her company. How could she be lonely with me and my wild boys (and dog) around!

This time away was also a little vacation for me and the kids. We had something planned everyday to keep us busy. Our activities included going to the pool, checking out little bakeries, “park-crawling”, visiting museums, and more. You can check out everything we did below.

I went out on the deck for some peace and quiet, and this one discovered me. Do you think he was upset??
window face
Then I went inside and sent the noise outside. I thought that would give me some quiet, but nope!

Basically this trip was all about family and fun.

A big part of being with family is actually BEING WITH family, and I mean physically as well as mentally.  It’s important to be not only present with your children, but also be active in their lives.

crate training
We firmly believe in crate training wild animals. If you didn’t know, that was a joke. They are just obsessed with the dog crate for some reason!

In the past, I found myself so absorbed in my phone, and at the end of the day I realized I didn’t give my kids the full attention that they deserve. Now, I make it a point to fully be present when spending time with family.

I also find it so important to my health to “unplug” every once in awhile, whether that be certain times during my everyday routine, or a long period such as a vacation.

A few months ago, I was diagnosed with Confusional Migraines.  Being in front of the television, phone, tablet, and computer all day definitely exacerbates these migraines.  I find it difficult to think clearly, extending my time in front of the screen.  Starring at the screen trying to think will consume me and then I become irritable when interrupted.

Your brain is a muscle, and just like the muscles you work in the gym, your brain needs a rest day (or rest period).  Unplugging can give your brain the time it needs to reboot and grow and develop.  Without that rest, or even a digital diet, the brain can’t work at its cognitive best.

Now I only open up my laptop after the kids are in bed.  I set a timer when I’m looking at my phone or tablet to limit my time on them.  And I only watch Netflix/Hulu when I’m cleaning the kitchen at night, or folding laundry during the day.

So, overall we had a trip full of adventures and excitement, as well as mental peace for me thanks to my digital diet!

Are you addicted to your screen?  Have you found yourself constantly reaching for your phone or tablet?  Is it becoming difficult for you to think from staring at a screen all day?  Try a digital diet!  Life is too short to be starring at devices all day.  I urge you to take a break, have fun with family, and be active and creative!

Let me know in the comments below if you will consider a digital diet, or if you already have tried one.  And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you never miss a post!

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What We Did

1. Idlewildsword in the stone
story book idlewild


2.  Lilliput Play Town  Store picture

3.  Cookie Cutters

4.  Give Mia Cookie

5.  Montour Trail

6.  Peace Love and Little Donuts

Peace Love and Little Donuts

7.  Raccoon Creek State Park

Raccoon Creek State Park

8.  USC Community and Recreation Center Outdoor Pool

9.  The Clubhouse

10.  USC Municipal Park

11.  USC Wiltshire Park

12.  Upper St Clair Library

13.  Heinz History Center

14.  Eat’n Park

15.  Juniper Grill

16.  Boyce ParkBoyce Park Icon

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