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Make-It-Monday:  Dragons!

When my second son was born I came up with a schedule with a fun activity to do each day so my 4yo would have something to look forward to. Thus, we started Make-It-Mondays!

Each Monday we create a fun craft together. Sometimes they are really extravagant and professional looking, and other times they are just scribbles on a piece of paper.

Recently I’ve been trying to teach my 4yo the alphabet. Currently we are on letter “D”. This past Make-It-Monday I decided to incorporate our new letter into our craft. We created dragons!

My son was so excited to hear about what we were going to make. He is obsessed with dragons right now (that will probably change in two weeks).

I grabbed our art caddy, which has most of our art supplies, and brought it down to the table. Our art caddy has crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue, tape, paint, and paint brushes.  I also found some white paper for us to use as well.

craft supplies
Some of our craft supplies

I’m all about using scraps or items we already have in the house. Therefore, we went on a hunt to find additional items to use for our craft.  On our search I found an oatmeal container, and my son found some packing foam he wanted to use.

This particular craft was meant to be creative, so I let my son design his dragon however he wanted. I encourage him to use his imagination and not try to copy exactly what I make.  As parents it’s important to teach them the correct way to do something, but it is just as important to be a cheerleader for their own ideas.

Onto the crafting

My son had it in his head that he was going to make a blue dragon out of the packing foam, so I helped him put that together. We used scissors to cut the foam. He painted the foam blue. Then we cut out two circles for eyes, and he colored them blue. Next I cut a slit in the top of the foam to place the eyes into. Finally we glued the dragon’s jaw together and voilà! A big blue dragon!

painting the dragon blue
Blue is his favorite color!

blue dragon          D-D-D-Dragon!

For my dragon, I used the oatmeal container. I peeled off the paper surrounding the container, and then painted the container green. Once dry, I cut straight across the diameter of the bottom to create the front of the mouth. Then I cut 2/3 of the way up the sides. From there I began to cut out teeth just on the upper mouth.

green oatmeal container dragon teeth

Next, I took the white paper and cut out a heart, two long strips, two small circles, and a tongue. For the heart, I folded it in half horizontally, and then drew two eyes on the top half. Then, I colored the tongue red and the two circles black.

heart eyes red dragon tongue scrap paper

After that, I put some glue on the two long strips of paper, and placed them on the inside of the oatmeal container where the teeth would be. The tongue was glued next and placed through the front of the mouth. Then I glued the small circles and put them above the tongue as nose holes. Finally, I glued the bottom half of the heart and placed it at the top of the container to make the eyes. My goofy green dragon was complete!

scary teeth inside of my craft front of dragon dragon profile

Once our craft was complete we talked about the letter “D” and went over the sound the letter makes. Then we played with our new creations and had a blast putting on a little puppet show for my 1yo.
We absolutely enjoy our crafts each week.  And we love playing with our creations, or having a puppet show, or coming up with a story and drawing pictures to go along with it.

When making a craft with your child, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It could look like a hot mess and your child would not care. The important thing is spending that time with your child. That is what your child is going to remember most.  So get creative, make a mess, and make a memory!!

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