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How Do I Look? (Realistic Mom Fashion)

Mom Fashion vs. Fashion World

Everywhere I look these days I see a picture of a young adult or woman and she’s dressed to the nines.  Her fashion is on point, she looks stunning, and you just want to be like her.  I always think I love her outfit, I wonder where she got it from.  Then I come back to reality and think, yeah right, I could never pull that off with my kids around.  I look down at my clothes. It is what I call the realistic mom fashion.

The Realistic Mom Fashion

I have on a raggedy old t-shirt that I’ve had for at least 10 years. I wear either yoga pants or workout leggings or old pair of jeans, all of which have some kind of food crust on it because my 1 year old somehow smears food on everything.  I sport my dirty Nike’s because there’s no way I’m chasing after my 4 year old in heels or wedges. Yep, this is my style of dress and probably will be for the next 10 years (call me crazy but we plan on having more kids eventually).

I wish there were realistic Pinterest pictures of a mom with a messy bun and oatmeal smears on her knee, struggling to get her children in the car with a huge diaper bag and a tumbler of coffee (just stand outside my house at 6am and you’ll have the perfect picture opportunity).

I can’t believe my fashion has taken such a steep decline so quickly!  But I guess kids will do that to you.  But I’m learning to accept my relaxed style these days and just enjoying creating memories with my kids.  Because in the end which are we going to remember more:  the clothes we wore on a daily basis or the experiences we had throughout our life?

Does anyone else feel this way?  Do you feel this is the realistic mom fashion?  How do you dress on a daily basis while taking care of young children or running errands?  And when did yoga pants become the new “mom pants”😜? Haha

How Do I Look??

Mom style

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