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That’s What I Like: Kitchen Cleaning Edition

That's What I Like

Cleaning the Kitchen

After fighting to put the kids to bed, cleaning the kitchen is the last thing I want to do.  By this time it is usually 8:30 pm and I am so extremely exhausted.  Something else that deters me from cleaning is my sciatica.  By the end of the night my back is on fire.  But as a loving wife and mother I have to keep the house somewhat orderly.  My goal each night is to do at least a few minutes of cleaning in the kitchen.  The number one thing is to have clean, tidy counters.  If I feel up to it I continue cleaning.  My goal when it comes to cleaning is to spend as little time and money as possible.  If you feel the same way, keep reading to discover the products I like to use.

First, I clean the countertop next to the sink.  I use this as my clean starting off point.  My absolute favorite cleaner is the Green Works All Purpose Cleaning Spray.  I use this product on everything.  It has a clean smell, but it is not overpowering or harsh like other cleaning products I have used.  I purchased this at Target.  *Tip:  look at the Target weekly ads and wait for cleaning items to go on sale.*

Green Works Cleaner

Next, I pull out my drying mat, which is my second favorite item.  I purchased this at Walmart.  I have two of them so one is always clean.  With usual drying racks, I feel they collect dust and scum, and they can be a pain to clean.  However, the drying mat is very easy to clean; I just throw it in the wash every few days.  It is also very convenient to store.  After washing it, I fold it up and put it with all my cleaning cloths/rags.

Drying Mat

Now that my starting counter is clean and my drying mat is down, I can begin to unload the dishes.  On a typical day, my 4yo son and I will unload the dishwasher after breakfast.  One of his daily chores is to put the clean silverware away.  *Tip:  make chores fun for kids.*  My son and I like to race to see who finishes first (he always wins).  This particular day we left the house after breakfast and our schedule did not allow for me to unload the dishes until after his bedtime.

Once the dishes are unloaded, I can begin the joys of reloading it.  This brings me to item number three:  Latex Gloves.  These gloves were purchased from the Dollar Tree.  Recently I started using them to protect my hands and nails, because they were getting so dry from all the water.  When your hands are so rough they snag clothes while folding laundry, you know you have a problem.

Latex Kitchen Gloves

Now I can begin loading the dishwasher and washing the pots and pans.  Let me introduce you to item four:  Scotch-Brite Scrubbing dish cloths.  I cannot recommend these enough!  Sponges are so full of bacteria, and after a day or two I find they begin to smell.  I was constantly throwing ours out.  I love the Scotch-Brite dish cloth, because it has a textured side that scrubs all the food off my pots/pans/dishes, but it doesn’t scratch them.  AND, they are so easy to clean and very cost effective!  You can just throw the dirty dish cloths in the wash.  We’ve had our cloths for almost two years now! *Tip:  while cleaning the dishes, make it entertaining by playing music or watching Netflix!)

Scotch Brite Dish Cloths

Now that all the dishes are loaded, it’s time for my final item:  Cascade Platinum Pacs.  I’ve used so many different kinds of dishwasher detergent and this is the one I find cleans the best.  It is so easy to pop it in and press start.  No measuring at all!  I like to wait until there is a sale at Target and then I will stock up.  *Tip:  search for coupons to help reduce the price.*

Cascade Platinum

To finish off my cleaning, I walk around the kitchen and put things away.  I use the Green Works cleaner on the counters again.  This time, I let the cleaner soak on the counters for a while so that anything stuck to the counter wipes off easily.  Finally, if I’m up to it, I will wipe down my large appliances.  I don’t do this every night.  I maybe do it once a week, because I’m a real mom and by the end of the day I’m just so exhausted and I just don’t care if there are kid handprints and dog nose streaks on them.

Every day I would stress out about having the perfect Pinterest looking house.  I was miserable and missing spending time with my kids.  My kids would constantly hear me say, “I can’t do ____ with you, I have to finish cleaning.”  Then a friend reminded me, “the kids are not getting in the way of your cleaning; your cleaning is getting in the way of your kids.”  This hit me so hard.  I decided, I would rather live a life of chaos and be happy with my family, than to stress over cleaning and having the perfect home.  Now my rule is:  spend as little time and money as possible on cleaning.  And I couldn’t be happier!  I hope this helps you with your cleaning routine so you can get on to spending time with what’s most important.


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Green Works Cleaner –

Drying Mat –

Latex Gloves –

Scotch-Brite Dish Cloth –

Cascade Platinum Pacs –


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