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DIY Drop-off Bowl

DIY Drop-off Bowl 


My husband works very long hours and when he gets home he just plops all of his belongs down.  In the morning I find his wallet on our hutch, his receipts on the counter, his chargers on the table, etc.  When I see his things scattered throughout the house I try to find them a home.  The only problem is that my husband never knows where that home is.  I cannot tell you how many times he has called to ask me where I have moved his sunglasses or chargers.

I decided to make a permanent home for all his items.  By doing this he has a space to place his items as soon as he walks in the door.  The best part is he knows exactly where his items are and I do not have to clean up his clutter.

Thus, my son and I came up with the DIY Drop-off Bowl.

The Process:

I took an old bowl we had (we were originally going to get rid of it) and spray painted it black.  I chose black because it goes with everything, but mostly because it was the only can of spray paint I could find in the house hahaha.

After it dried, I took some twine we had and tied it around the bottom (you could use ribbon if you choose).  In the video you will see me tie it twice:  the first time I just tied it in a knot and the second time I tied it in a bow.  You could use whatever method you prefer of attaching the twine (or ribbon).  You could even use a hot glue gun if that is easier for you and works for your bowl.  In the end, we went with the bow because that is easy to remove if our décor style changes in the future.

The bowl now sits by the back door and when my husband comes in he puts his items right in the bowl.  I’ll update you on how long this lasts.  If I can train him to put his wallet in the bowl, maybe I can train him to put his dirty laundry in the hamper.  Now if I can only organize my own things….

What You’ll Need:

*Disclaimer:  I am not sponsored by anyone.  I chose links from the Dollar Tree and Lowe’s as examples and because I know my husband purchased the spray paint from Lowe’s a few months ago.

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