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Dream Mother’s Day

So Mother’s Day is this Sunday.  I just found that out because I’m sooo on top of things.  I don’t think my husband knows (but he surprises me from time to time), and my kids don’t know, because they are too young (4yo and 1yo).  Thus, I began thinking, what if I planned my own Mother’s Day…

If I could have it my way this Mother’s Day, here’s how it would go down:

I would get to sleep in past 5am.  My hubby would have a warm breakfast ready for me, preferably pancakes and danishes and a large Starbucks coffee.  I would eat it all and not feel guilty about it.

The kids would give me a gift of something they made (probably a scrap piece of paper with scribble on it, but it would be special to me).  Then my husband would take the kids and leave for the day.  I would go to a spa and have my first ever massage and facial.

Next I would get a mani pedi and thoroughly enjoy NOT being climbed on by kids and a dog for once.  I would get a hotel room, binge watch my favorite movies like Anne of Green Gables and Pride and Prejudice (with Keira Knightly), and devour an entire large pizza by myself.  I would not gain any weight from the poor eating, and my breasts would not get engorged from not nursing my little one.  Finally, I would go to bed without any mommy guilt that day and I would get a full night’s sleep.

That is what I would like for this Mother’s Day.  But in reality a day like that just won’t happen for me.  I’m a real mom.

I’ll get up at 5/5:30am like I normally do.  I’ll do a workout and have my breakfast (oatmeal) before I get the kids up, because that’s the only way I can have a hot breakfast.  I’ll nurse the 1yo while the 4yo attempts to climb on top of us.  I’ll take my boys to church while my husband sleeps in.

Then I’ll spend the day listening to the kids fight over toys, and practically throw my back out picking their toys up All.Day.Long.  Finally I’ll drag myself up to bed, exhausted, at 10/11pm, and close my eyes only to have a rush of anxiety and mommy guilt over the events of the day.  I’ll watch Netflix to keep my mind off of the “I should have’s” of the day, and I’ll finally drift off to sleep.

But as boring or exhausting or painful as this day sounds, I will love it and I’ll do it again because I love my family.  I enjoy taking care of them and seeing my boys create memories.  I’ll take this day over a fantasy day because the time I spend with them is so special and real (even if they drive me crazy sometimes).  My family is the greatest gift I could ever receive!

If you could plan your own Mother’s Day, what would it look like?  What would you want?  Would it be something realistic?  Or would it be a fantasy like a dream vacation or to go back in time for a day?  Please comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts, and maybe get some ideas for my next Dream Mother’s Day!😉

Mother's Day Dream - Starbucks

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