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Make-It-Monday: Valentine’s Day Craft

This week when I asked my son what he wanted to make for our craft, he specifically said a Valentine’s Day craft.  I was a little surprised he knew Valentine’s Day was coming up considering he keeps asking if it’s almost Christmas again 😆

As I was walking around the Dollar Tree the other day, I found this cute glass with twine around the top.  I just had to have it because I’m obsessed with anything twine or burlap.

I put the glass in the living room, not sure what to do with it.  When my 4yo saw it, he said we should make flowers for it.  Thus, we created our Valentine’s Day craft!

Paper Heart Flowers

Valentine's Day Craft

What You’ll Need:


  1.  Construction paper (1 light pink, 1 dark pink, 1 green)
  2.  Something to make the stem (skewers, straws, Popsicle sticks, or paper)
  3.  Tape or glue
  4.  Scissors
  5.  A green marker or paint to color the stems if needed


  1.  Fold the pink papers in half and cut out your hearts.  We made 16, all the same size.  You need 4 hearts to make one flower.                                                                  pink paper
  2.  Create a flower by gluing or taping 4 hearts together.     heart flower
  3.   Take your stem and color it green if needed.  We used skewers and painted them green.  You could roll up a green piece of paper instead for a stem.
  4.   While your stem dries, take a green piece of paper and cut out leaves for the stems.  leaves
  5.   Tape a leaf on each of the stems, then place the heart flowers on each stem.  flower
  6.   Place your flowers in a vase, or give them away to friends on Valentine’s Day 🙂       Valentine's Flowers
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1 thought on “Make-It-Monday: Valentine’s Day Craft

  1. What a cute idea. I made a bouquet for my wife. Not only did she love it it saved me $40 by not buying the real thing.

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